Car Tyres

At Barnet Auto Repair centre, we ensure that you get a wide range of car tyres to choose from. Our workshop offers you a variety of high-quality tyres from premium brands. It is because we understand making choices regarding which product to buy can be difficult. Also, every customer rightfully deserves a number of options to choose from. It is to note that every tyre model is made for a specific requirement. This is why every tyre model has a unique tyre tread design or pattern. It is for us to ensure that we cover a high number of possible customer requirements by keeping our tyre stock updated.

The question is, how to choose the product that will suit your requirement in the best possible manner? This can be a difficult question. A dream product is one that covers all your requirements at a low cost. But then, can such a product be trusted enough? It is because these products usually do not come from reputed brands. The situation seems like that of a maze, and the customers seem to be lost. In this, our team might be able to help you decide which tyre would be the best for your vehicle. Still, before advice comes in, you need to narrow down your options. How would you do that?

Tyre finder tool

Our website features a special tyre finder tool that can be instrumental in narrowing down your choices. You will find it below the navigation menu on our website (at the top). All you have to do is select the specifications of your choice through the drop-down boxes and click on the “GO” button. After that, tyres with the specifications you selected will appear on your screen with a brief description of them. You can shortlist these tyres based on the requirement you have. We suggest that you set the criteria for ‘functionality’ while doing this. It is imperative that you note the tread design, rubber compound, and brand of the tyres you shortlist. What to do after the tyres have been shortlisted?

Expert advice

Once you have short-listed prospective tyres and are unable to decide on which tyre would be the best for you, we recommend you to visit our workshop. Our team of experts and technicians are always available to provide you with substantial advice regarding which tyre would be the best for your vehicle. Our team is a reliable one, and you can trust them. It is because the professionals that work with are highly-skilled. They have earned the specialisation they command through years of hard work and experience. If you select a tyre model that is currently out of our stock, we promise to get it for you within 24 hours.

It is not just car tyres that we deal in. We also offer tyre-related and vehicle-related services. You can visit our garage for tyre pressure checks and tyre repairs. Other than that, clutch repairs, brake repairs, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and other vehicle-related services are also available.

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