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Taking into consideration the fact that a vehicle is an energy-conversion device that runs on various systems, we need to ask- which system is most responsible for the conversion of energy? In simple words, which system of a vehicle helps the energy from the engine reach the tyres? It is the transmission system. The transmission system is responsible for processing the energy from the piston of the engine and converting it through the gearbox to reach the wheels. In this process, one important component is the clutch. Without the clutch, the transmission of a vehicle will be a good-for-nothing system.

At Barnet Auto Repair Centre, our team of experts and technicians point out the fact that while most people think the clutch plays a role in only changing gears, they do not know how it is being done. Like, what exactly is the mechanical process? Most customers ask us why it is vital for them to be aware of what is happening. As explained by our team, it is important because we feel the customers need to be aware of what exactly we are doing with the car. This way, while our accountability increases, we also move towards a community of aware customers that will eventually help in creating a justified market.

Is your clutch making weird noises?

If your clutch pedal is making weird noises, or you feel there are some functional fallacies with the functioning of the car in relation to the clutch, perceive it as an indicator that is asking to visit our garage as soon as possible. Customers must understand that every small fault needs to be detected at the right time. Otherwise, it may act as a hole in your pocket. We assure you that our team of technicians are high-skilled and will be able to plug the problem in no time. The team has earned its skilled through years of hard work and experience.

Once we get to know what the issue is, we will inform you regarding the same. You will also be made aware of the possible course of actions and the estimated cost that you will have to bear. In the end, the road we take will be decided by you. Remember, it is our job to make you aware of what the problem is, and what can be done. Making a choice, in the end, is your job. Rest assured, our workshop ensures that the customers are aware of every angle with regard to the fault and what needs to be done.

Other services

We also offer other vehicle-related services like brake repair, exhaust repair, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, etc. Barnet Auto Repair Centre is a one-point stop for all your vehicle-related queries. You will get a wide of range of high-quality tyres from premium brands like Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, and Michelin at our workshop. You can use the special tyre finder tool that features on our website. It will help you browse through the tyres with the specification of your choice.

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