Diesel Injector

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Barnet Auto Repair Centre is a high-quality garage service facility that employs a team of highly-skilled experts and technicians. We not only work towards selling our products and repairing the vehicles, but our resources are also utilised in making our customers aware of how a vehicle functions. We believe it is highly important for customers to know and understand how a vehicle functions so that they can make rational decisions (on their own) with regard to their vehicles. Most of us believe that the engine is the most important component of the vehicle. The question is, why is it so?

It is because it is the engine from where the energy to move the vehicle comes. How does the engine provide this energy? It is through the combustion process that occurs inside the chambers of the engine. For this combustion process to set in motion, it is imperative for fuel to travel to the engine chamber from the fuel tank. How does this happen? For this purpose, another component is used, which is known as the diesel injector. It is the connection between the fuel tank and the engine. Without the diesel injector, it is impossible for your vehicle to function.


The diesel injector falls under the fuel injection system, and it is the basis on which the engine functions. It pressurises and injects the fuel, while the system forces the same into the air that has been compressed to high pressure in the combustion chamber. To take a closer look at this process, let’s look at each component of the diesel injector separately.

One, the fuel injection pump pressurises fuel to high pressure. Two, high-pressure pipes send fuel to the injection nozzle. Three, the injection nozzle injects the fuel into the cylinder. Four, feed pump sucks fuel from the fuel tank. Five, fuel filter filtrates the fuel. The system is responsible for four major functions which are feeding fuel, adjusting fuel quantity, adjusting injection timing, and atomising fuel.

Repair and replace

If you notice indicators that tell you something is wrong with the fuel injection system, it is then imperative that you bring your vehicle to our garage as soon as possible. Running your car with a faulty fuel injector can take a toll on your engine and lead to a seizure. Remember, there is not much difference between a seized engine and a hole in the pocket.

Our team will make it a point to check the fuel injection system of your vehicle thoroughly. Once done, we will make you aware of whether the fault can be sorted through a repair or whether it needs a replacement. Whatever the case might be, we will provide you with precise information regarding what would be the consequences of your decision.

Other than the diesel injector service, we provide other vehicle-related services too- wheel alignment, wheel balancing, brake services, exhaust services, etc. If you wish to witness the best garage facility centre in the area, then please visit Barnet Auto Repair Centre.

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