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Does the exhaust pipe of your vehicle release black smoke whenever you start it? Is your vehicle making too much noise while starting? Is the exhaust pipe covered with something like a black paste? All these are indicators which tell you that something is wrong with the exhaust system of your vehicle. Many a time, we ignore it. However, are we aware of what it might cost us? One of the two standard expectations of a vehicle is safety (the other one being comfort). It is to note that safety is not simply an expectation; it is a paramount requirement.

If you come across any of the above-mentioned indicators, you must bring your vehicle to our garage at Barnet Auto Repair Centre. Our team of experts and technicians will assuredly be able to plug what is wrong with the exhaust system. They are a team of a skilled professional who have earned their specialisation through years of hard work and experience. The standard procedure that is followed at our workshop is that our team tends to the vehicle and tests it. The faults are noted down. Our experts explain the fault to the customer while we make a list of options to fix it. We will provide you with the number of options, their advantages and disadvantage, and the cost of the procedures. It is for you to make a choice.

Do not be careless with the exhaust

The exhaust is arguably that part of the vehicle which you cannot mess up with. It is because the job of the exhaust system is to safely remove the harmful gases that come out of the engine. It is imperative that we understand the process. It is the engine where the story begins. The engine is a component with multiple chambers inside which explosions occur; it has combustion chambers. The chambers have three types of valves. Two of the valves are responsible for adding fuel and air to the chamber so that the combustion process can begin, while the third valve is responsible for taking care of the harmful residue gases.

The exhaust valve sucks in the harmful residue gases, and the process of the exhaust system begins. What is next is to convert these harmful gases into simple gases so they are no longer environmentally harmful. Finally, there are released through the exhaust pipe. One fallacy in this process contains the potential to cost you your safety. As mentioned before, your safety is paramount! At Barnet Auto Repair Centre, the service of customers comes before anything else. That is why it is imperative that you come to our garage to get the exhaust system fixed if you notice any irregularities.

Other services

Other than exhaust repair, more vehicle-related services like a clutch replacement, brake repair, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and tyre repairs are also available. We also sell high-quality tyres from premium brands like Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, and Dunlop. You can use the special tyre finder tool that features on our website. It will help you browse through tyres with the specifications of your choice.

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