MOT Barnet


MOT is a test conducted annually to check the roadworthiness of a vehicle. Without a pass certificate, your vehicle will not be deemed legal to be driven on the roads of the UK. As much important is the test, the same is the importance of choosing the right MOT test centre to avoid rigged MOT tests. When in Barnet, thousands of vehicle owners choose Barnet Auto Repair Centre as their first choice to get their vehicles' MOT done.

We perform both the Class 4 and Class 7 MOT Barnet tests, here, at our facility, and make sure the test is as genuine and as transparent as possible. We know the importance of this test for a vehicle owner and help every driver with all the queries attached to the test. Our technicians strictly follow the rules laid down by the DVSA, and also check them every year with authority for any changes and amendments.

The vehicles that considered in Class 4 of the MOT are as follows:

  • Unladen 3-wheelers with weight over 450kg
  • Passenger cars with a maximum capacity of 8 passengers
  • Quads
  • Ambulances and taxis (cabs)
  • Hire vehicles that are run privately
  • Caravans
  • Service cars for public
  • Commercial good cars with a weight of 3000kg

Class 7 vehicles incorporate the commercial goods vehicles that have a weight of 3500kgs or above (Unladen).

Our experts will perform the tests according to the law, while you can check out our other services or sit back and relax until the examination is done. You can also make use of our inexpensive pre-MOT checks in case you don't know if your car will pass the MOT or not. The examination includes our experts looking at the vital parts of your vehicle to tell you beforehand which component needs repairing or replacing.

When coming to us for the MOT of your car, make sure to perform the two minutes checks of the significant components that are tested in the MOT test. Doing this will ensure your MOT pass certificate, and help you save the regret because of easily maintenance parts of your cars.

The essential components that are tested in the MOT are as follows:

  • Tyres and treads
  • Brakes and brake pads
  • Suspension
  • Driver’s view (windscreens and mirrors)
  • Lights (Headlights and all of the Auxiliary lights)
  • Exhaust fumes
  • The battery of the car

The engine, gearbox, and clutch are exempted from the MOT test because the guidelines only state the test of the components to offer roadworthiness of your vehicle.

You should also maintain the proper tyre pressure in your tyres as per the new inclusion of the tyres pressure check in the MOT test of a car in the UK.

If you are confident with your vehicle and its condition, then bring it to us, here at Barnet Auto Repair Centre. Make use of our genuine Class 4 & 7 MOT Barnet test service to ensure that your car is legally approved to be driven on the roads of the UK.

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