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A car of one's dream is always dearer to the owner, but do we value it the same after the purchase has been made? It is commonly seen among the car owners, once they bring in their cars that have long been neglected, especially in terms of car service. Our experts, here at Barnet Auto Repair Centre, want to inform you that it is not a good habit to maintain and continue with. Car servicing Barnet plays a crucial role in ensuring the long life of your vehicle.

How often do you need the car servicing done for your vehicle?

When you live in a city full of traffic, and control lights with frequent braking and accelerating of the car, it is recommended that you get your vehicle serviced every 12,000 miles. If you are waiting for 12,000 miles to complete, you should get a full vehicle check-up done. The alternate and a better thing to do is going for an interim check-up after every 6,000 miles.

Another way to know about the need of your vehicle is by paying attention to the results of the self-diagnostics in modern cars and their indicators. It will help you contemplate the requirement of service before any major breakdown. We, Barnet Auto Repair Centre, suggest that you do not neglect the warning lights that are blinking on the dashboard and bring your car to us as soon as you see these on your car.

When you come to us for your car repair servicing Barnet, we make sure that your car resale value is maintained as high as possible with constant servicing.

Our car servicing include the following things:

Interim car servicing

When you are thinking about the 6,000 miles check-up, we offer the servicing of the given parts:

ABS (anti-lock braking system)

  1. Timing Belt
  2. Indicating lights problems
  3. Seatbelts
  4. Lights: inside and outside
  5. Wipers and the mirrors of your car
  6. Cap on the fuel tank
  7. AC
  8. Steering
  9. Belts of the fans
  10. Power source: Battery
  11. Clutch of the car
  12. Handbrake
  13. Oil of the Gear-box
  14. Levels of the Fluids
  15. Oil of your engine
  16. Filter check
  17. power Steering
  18. Suspension
  19. Emission of the exhausts
  20. Fuel lines, Brake Pipes, Hoses, and Handbrake
  21. Discs and pads of your brakes.
  22. Tyres and repairs

Complete vehicle Servicing

Along with the things mentioned in the interim service, full vehicle checks has the following additional services:

  1. Flushing of the old engine oil and refilling it with a new one
  2. Examination of the spark plugs and providing the necessary replacement
  3. Replacement of oil and air filters
  4. Vehicle chassis repairs and examinations

Regular vehicle servicing will ensure the safety of the ride, increase in the resale value of your vehicle, and also in the curtail on the repairs of major faults and the fuel used by the car.

Car servicing Barnet is a better way of ensuring the pass certificate in the MOT test of your vehicle. Therefore, if you want the best car servicing in all of Barnet, bring your car to us, here at Barnet auto repair centre. Our experts will help you with every possible maintenance issues. So, book your appointment today.

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