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tyre pressure

At Barnet Auto Centre, our team of experts and technicians specialise at tyres. We give a special emphasis to tyres because we understand their importance. They are arguably the most important part of the vehicle because, after all, it is on them that the vehicle runs. It is the tyres that are the medium between your vehicle and the surface your vehicle runs on. Therefore, it is imperative to pay some special attention to them. Tyres themselves can be complex to understand. They are made from natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, and some other chemicals. It also has various components like the tyre tread pattern and the sidewall.

Other than all the things mentioned above, there is one other factor that most vehicle-owners forget, that is, the tyre pressure. How much your tyres are inflated is an important part of keeping your tyres up to the mark. While correct tyre pressure prolongs the life of a tyre, incorrect tyre pressure can do the exact opposite. It is because over-inflated tyres wear in the middle owing the fact that the middle part of the tyre is in contact with the road, while under-inflated tyres wear from the sides because the sides are in contact with the road.

The point being, uneven tyre wear can cause the tyre to completely wear down before time. It can also cause issues with the suspension system of the vehicle. Moreover, the fuel consumption of the vehicle might be affected. Owing to all these factors, it is imperative that the tyre pressure is maintained to that which is specified by the tyre manufacturer. Otherwise, it can cause the above-mentioned issues. Our workshop can provide manuals that contain the right PSI level your tyre requires. Many a time, it is possible that one gets confused regarding which tyre pressure would be appropriate. In this case, our team will help you in determining the right tyre pressure in accordance with your vehicle.

It is to note that Barnet Auto Repair Centre not only provides tyre-related services but also offers tyres as products. We have a wide range of tyres from premium brands like Continental, Dunlop, Michelin, and Goodyear. You can use the special tyre finder tool that features on our website to browse through tyres with the specifications of your choice. If you select a tyre that is currently out of stock, we will get it for you within 24 hours.

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