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Amongst the popular tyre brands that are available for purchase worldwide and at our facilities at Barnet Auto Repair Centre, Bridgestone is one of the largest in terms of volume. Neither the Germans nor the French brands come close to the level in terms of volume that Bridgestone tyres sell across the world.

The Japanese brand, Bridgestone, started manufacturing in 1931. It has since established manufacturing centres and sale branches across the globe. Started business as a motorcycle tyre manufacturing brand, Bridgestone has mushroomed rapidly and widely, and is now one of the largest sellers of tyres (in terms of volume) in the world. It is also the parent company of the Tyres brand 'Firestone' which is based out of Ohio.

There is a long list of reasons which will compel you to opt for Bridgestone Tyres. Some of them are:

It is an iconic name in the tyre market with popular demand in the Formula one format of racing. They also partake in Formula 2 and Formula 3 categories of competitive racing.

The company has some very big and iconic names as tyre advisors for its racing formats. None other Valentino Rossi has served as a tyre advisor to Bridgestone.

Amongst the many brands that want to be perceived as direct competitors to bigwigs in the industry, it was Bridgestone which managed to wrestle the title of being the sole supplier of tyres to F1 races from Michelin.

Other than motor-cycle and F1 racing, Bridgestone also has its hands in the aviation industry’s tyre demands. Their success goes far enough to necessitate their use by mammoth rivals in the industry, Boeing and Airbus. They were also the providers of tyres for the dream liner Airbus A380. The tyres used on the dream liner were custom designed to be able to hold the weight of the world's largest passenger aircraft.

Looking at the laurels and accomplishments of the company, it will not be incorrect to say that pushing the boundaries of the industry and shinning in tests of durability is what they are best at. Bridgestone thus is an ideal choice for someone looking for the safety of their family while commuting. We at Barnet Auto Repair Centre offer the best deals on genuine Bridgestone tyres in the area. We also provide fitment of tyres barnet. We are also preferred when it comes to seeking advice for the correct tyres for ones driving needs and style.



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