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It is a long history of how a rubber company became the top competing tyre brand in the present market. Continental tyres is a daughter company of a much bigger giant in the rubber manufacturing, known as Continental AG. The foundation dates back to 1871, that is why we, here at Barnet Auto Repair Centre, trust their experience. You can book your own set of continental tyres Barnet online with us, by making use of our easy to use tyre finder tool.

When you choose Continental tyres, you are ensuring yourself with a high-quality rubber that is manufactured in the facility of continental AG. But that is not all. The reason for buying continental tyres are numerous.

Allow us to help you with some of them:

Every third driver in the UK is using Continental tyres. It is just because of the trust that Continental tyres have gathered over the years of their work and production of highly competitive models of tyres.

Continental tyres make use of cutting-edge German technology that is much praised in the automotive sector. The company employees more than 54,000 personnel in its facilities and branches that are spread over 24 countries all around the world.

The company gives the safety of the drivers a priority, and therefore came up with "Vision Zero." The goal is to reduce the death toll occurring due to tyres in road accidents and bring it down to absolute zero. They have invested enormous hours of their valuable time in research and development of fantastic tyre treads.

Many car manufacturing companies like Renault, Toyota, Honda, Porsche, Ford, BMW, GM employ Continental tyres as their original equipment. They put their complete faith in the performance of the tyres from this brand.

Continental tyres also manufacture dedicated tyres according to individual countries. They are aware of the extent to which the weather of a country affects the performance of the tyres and therefore, leave nothing in the hands of fortune.

The experience in manufacturing is enough to speak about the magnificence of Continental tyres. It has been around for more than a century, 140 years to be exact since Continental manufactured their first rubber. They have only strived to become better and better with every passing day, thereafter. The employees are aligned with the vision of the company, which is the primary cause of their hard-earned success.

If you are looking for a place to buy Continental tyres Barnet then don't forget to visit us, here at Barnet auto repair centre. We have a collection of durable and affordable Continental tyres that will suit your driving needs the best.



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