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The dreams of John Boyd Dunlop have finally taken its final form in the 21st century. With over a century of experience, Dunlop is a company that has made its way to the top of the tyre industry. We, at Barnet Auto Repair Centre, rest our faith in research and development that are conducted at the facilities of Dunlop and hence, store some of the best products in our garage, here in Barnet.

When you opt for Dunlop tyres Barnet, you should know that you are not the odd one out. A colossal of brands in the car manufacturing industry put their enormous trust in Dunlop as their original equipment manufacturer, some of them being Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, Volkswagen, and Renault.

Dunlop is the company that is responsible for the first pneumatic tyres and has evolved ever since. It invests more and more in the research department and comes up with astounding and revolutionary ideas every now and then.

What are the things that you get when you buy Dunlop tyres?

You don't need to be perfect or number one in the market when you are striving for excellence with your work. That is what Dunlop exactly means with its different models of car tyres. The engineers at Dunlop never stop at just OK. It is a term that is not present in their dictionary. They believe in hard work as the key to their success.

No one can move into the future without having a vision. Dunlop is the next generation tyre company that is focussed on the present, and are working on the research and development of futuristic tyres. Some of the best innovations that Dunlop have come up with in the past few years are noise cancellation technology, specific bead system, RunOnFlat tyres, dual silica compound, etc.

Every Dunlop tyre must pass the 360 round check to make its way into the market. Dunlop has high regards for quality tyres which enables its tyres to provide the performance that the company promises. Hence, the tyres are examined thoroughly.

Dunlop, in the earlier years, found aquaplaning as the reason for the skidding of the vehicle on the wet and snow-laden roads. Today, the concept is being used in the development of treads for the winter tyres.

If we have successfully convinced you to buy Dunlop tyres, then don't waste any more time thinking, and book them online with us now. You can also call us, here at Barnet Auto Repair Centre to know more about the tyres that will suit your vehicle the best. Bring your car to us if you want to purchase your Dunlop tyres Barnet in front of your eyes. Meanwhile, you can also take the unrivalled advice of our experts on how to maintain the life of your tyres, absolutely free of charge!



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