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One of the pioneers in the industry to grow to a stupendous stature, Goodyear Tyres are one of the very best brands that are on offer in the market. Looking at their popularity and reach in the international market, it is one of the preferred brands recommended to our customers at Barnet Auto Repair Centre.

Goodyear was founded in the year 1898 and since then has been part of major sporting and historical events. Named after Charles Goodyear, the creator of vulcanised rubber, it is the brand that supported the very first car that crossed one million units in sales- Ford’s Model T; the car model is still synonymous with the birth of the assembly line in the automotive industry.

Since then, there has been no looking back for Goodyear as the brand has left almost no stone unturned on earth, and has even left its mark on the surface of the moon. Yes, the custom-built tyres used in the Apollo 14 mission were also designed and manufactured by Goodyear.

If all these achievements are not compelling enough, some of the major sporting events like NASCAR use Goodyear tyres exclusively. Anyone remotely aware of motoring events, especially like NASCAR, know that it's all about the durability of tyres and the handling in extreme speeds.

Apart from NASCAR, Goodyear was also the preferred brand of Formula 1 racing teams till the time it participated in the events. It has more victories to it's in the F1 racing than any other tyres brand, a true testament to its durability and performance.

Goodyear also pioneered the use of advertising tyres all across the world and used the Goodyear blimp to make a mark for itself in the marketing arena.

After completing the sale of a billion tyres in 1963, the brand had scaled heights that many are yet to conquer.

Looking at the list of achievements of Goodyear, it is easily one of the safest and most durable brands that you can procure for your vehicle. Keeping this in mind, Goodyear produces tyres for trucks, aircraft, and medium-sized vehicles. They were also the first to use digital platform for sales, starting as early as 1994.

We, at Barnet Auto Repair Centre, acknowledge the need for nothing but the best for our customers. We, therefore, are committed to supplying our customers with one of the top tyre brands in the industry, i.e. Goodyear Tyres.



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