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At Barnet Auto Repair Centre you can now easily access the iconic tyres that have made it all across the world and more. The Michelin brand of tyres is easily one of the most easily identifiable and one of the most trusted brands in the automotive industry. Their authentic products can now be accessed at our facilities in all their glory.

Michelin, a French tyre manufacturer, has been in the business since the very beginning of the industry. They are known and celebrated world over as the pioneers of the radial tyre, initially referred to as the X tyre, that has become the standard today.

Michelin is recognised across the globe because of its tyre quality and the Michelin Man- a marketing miracle which changed the very game for all players in the industry. It is the hallmark of marketing success and paved the way for universal recognition of the brand.

Michelin, being a French company, is more than just a tyre manufacturer. The world-famous Michelin star is synonymous with eminence in the field of hospitality as well. The Michelin star awarded to eminent chefs is a mark of excellence in their field and is much sought after.

The company is also credited with developing the ‘run-flat’ tyres. The tyres have the capability of running a considerable distance with a puncture, without any major damage to their integrity. It changed the way the world of motorists saw the tyre and revolutionised the use of tyres in day to day commutes.

Apart from the leaps and bounds they made in the technological development of modern tyres, Michelin has also been a significant part of the motor-sporting world. They have a high user rate not just amongst Formula one racers but also rallying racers. Michelin is also the preferred brand for use in the highly reputed and equally tough Le Mans event. It is a particular favourite for the Le Mans twenty-four racing format, which is a true testament to its durability.

Michelin has added many feathers to its cap in terms of races won and landmarks made. Our experts, therefore, recommend that you invest in good quality tyres from the brand. For authentic Michelin products and their fitment to your vehicles, visit Barnet Auto Repair Centre. We employ experts who will not only fit the tyres for your vehicle but will also recommend the best fit for your vehicle, keeping in mind your driving style.



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