Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment

Our professionals, at Barnet Auto Repair Centre, are known for the excellent services they provide, and also for their efficiency. We have some of the best technicians in the industry available for all the services that we provide. Some of the services that we offer are for batteries, exhausts, air conditioners, brakes, wheel balancing, and wheel alignment. While other issues are damaging for your car, misalignment stands out of the line. This issue doesn’t only damage your wheels but, if not rectified in time, can damage several other parts as well.

Wheel alignment is the aspect of your car that keeps it going in one direction. It refers to the coordination amongst all four wheels of your car and them working together. At times, when you hit a curb or a pothole, you might find your car starting to act weird. Have you ever felt that your car has a certain pull in a different direction (left or right) irrespective of where you direct it to go? If yes, then this might be due to misaligned wheels, which is a burden you don’t want to carry.

Misalignment can not only wear your wheels off faster, but also damage your suspension, balance, and even reduce fuel efficiency. This issue is like an ant in an elephant’s trunk. Seems like a small thing, but if left unattended, can create a nuisance and build up to be even more problematic.

If you are troubled by this issue, don’t worry, we have your back. Our experts are provided with the best and the latest equipment to diagnose this issue. The latest laser alignment technology assists in attaining accurate results, which in turn helps the technician correct the issue more efficiently. It helps the technician check the angles from different directions and come up with better results to solve the situation at hand.

Now, this isn’t as simple as it seems. There are three types of angles that are checked for your wheels, namely camber, caster, and toe. Camber is the vertical angle of the wheel to the road. Caster is the vertical angle of the suspension to the wheels. Toe is the angle of the front wheels to the centreline of the car, i.e. how inwards or outwards they are.

Wheel alignment is an essential aspect of your car; therefore, treat it the same way. Any disturbance that you feel should be checked as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to your car. Ignorance makes the damage inevitable. However, you can trust our technicians, at Barnet Auto Repair Centre, to not ignore even a single aspect to an issue. We work to satisfy our customers and not just to make repairs and get over with the task at hand.

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