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Wheel Balance

At Barnet Auto Repair Centre, we are not only experts in providing excellent services but are also known for the advice we provide. We not only provide solutions for issues related to your car but also offer pieces of advice that can help you avoid them in future. This is a balance we maintain for our customers. It provides them with the reassurance that we do not necessarily want to pull them to get their vehicles repaired from us, but it’s more about assisting someone who is in trouble.

Balance is an essential part not only in our business but also in your car. Balanced wheels are what keep your car going straight and smooth even when you reach high speeds. Imagine driving your car at 120 mph and having a vibrating steering. It is not only uncomfortable to drive like this but also dangerous. When cruising at such speeds, one wants to have complete control of their car rather than let luck decide their destiny.

This isn’t the only indication of a car with imbalanced wheels. If you find your car to be consuming more fuel than usual, or feel your seats or the floor vibrating, you should pay a visit to a mechanic. If you know about tyres well enough, you should be able to spot uneven wearing on them. This is a mouse that not even the pied piper could catch. As there are multiple reasons for uneven tyre wear, why not get your vehicle's balancing checked when there is a chance for it to have gone wrong.

Would you believe if I said that even new tyres could be troublesome? Yes, you read it correctly. New tyres, if not balanced, can be as useless as the old tyres that you had. Unbalanced wheels wear more quickly, aren’t smooth to drive, and you can’t use them to their full potential.

Don’t worry, we have the solution for this issue and also some of the best people who can solve it. Our technicians are known as the “Masters of balancing”. The fluency and quickness of their work are exceptional, while they are also efficient and coherent. The balancing process takes place on a machine on which the tyre is placed and rotated. We also use the latest machines and computers to analyse and provide the best in class services. With latest technologies come better results, and that’s what we want to provide you with.

Any unevenness on the wheel is countered by adding counterweights on the opposite side of the irregularity. If you think that we are outdated and have old ways to counter issues, you’re gravely mistaken. We use modern adhesive weights rather than the traditional bang-on weights for counterbalancing. As I mentioned before, if you are at Barnet Auto Repair Centre then you can be sure that you’ll be provided with the best in class services, that are available in the market.

Balance is the key to success, and when it comes to cars, it is also the key to a safe drive. Give us a chance to help you with any balancing issues and you’re sure to find us trustworthy to return to us in the future as well.

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