Winter Tyres

We, at Barnet Auto Repair Centre, excel at providing all automotive part repairs. From brakes and exhausts to air conditioners and batteries, our experts are qualified to provide services for all of them. When talking about repairs and maintenance, there is one part of your car that stands out of all, i.e. tyres. Regardless of the resistance they face, people ignore them the most. Think of it for yourself. When was the last time you checked your tyre’s condition and other important aspects related to it?

Before you think of maintenance, it is more important to maintain the correct thing. Tyres are not as simple as they look. These rubber rings hold more inside of them than just being moulded and shaped sheets of rubber. There are more than 30 types of rubber, steel belts, beads, etc. used in the manufacturing process. Something so complex will obviously require a little bit of maintenance. Whereas, this isn’t something that is happening today. Improper and untimely maintenance can harm your tyre more than you can think of.

Maintenance requirements differ from tyre-to-tyre as well. By this, we don’t mean that different tyres on your car need maintenance differently. Instead, it is more about the type of tyre that you use. Summer, winter, and all-season are three types of tyres available in the market today. It is very easy to know which tyre is meant to be used and when. All thanks to whoever named them so in the first place.

Need for Winter Tyres

Places that experience temperatures below than 7o C, are the places that require winter tyres. These tyres can withstand the coldest of temperatures, and provide great control even in snowy conditions. The specially designed tread pattern helps them bite the snow and grip the road. This pattern is also the reason that reduces the risk of aquaplaning on smooth roads.


Winter tyres are made up of a softer rubber compound than summer tyres. This doesn’t mean you’ll poke your finger on it, and it’ll change shape. Being softer means that when exposed to cold temperatures, these tyres don’t harden up easily. Whereas in the same scenario, summer tyres would harden up quickly and become brittle.

How to Identify?

You can identify a winter tyre by looking for a snowflake symbol enclosed in a three-peak mountain mark on the sidewall of the tyre. These tyres are also known for their anti-skid properties. So, if you live in a hilly region or drive uphill or downhill regularly, you know what you need.

We, at Barnet Auto Repair Centre, not only provide efficient tyre services but also have a wide range of winter tyres Barnet for you to choose from. Some of the top brands available are Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, and Yokohama. We focus more on satisfying our customers than just solving the issue at hand.

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